BVRIT stands apart

One-week Orientation Programme conducted by BVRIT has thoroughly exemplified that BVRIT stands apart from other colleges. The program has inculcated both significance of education and human values that has touched me beyond words. The special attraction of the programme is speeches by the guest speaker. Dr. C. Veerender’s (Psychologist) speech was the rays of sunlight that pierced through the clouds of teenager’s fears and problems. Mr. Kim Thomas’s session suggested plenty of ways to advance our hobbies as employment.

Everyone has talent, what is rare is the courage to follow it and I am happy to know that BVRIT is ever ready to give the same and help us go ahead. BVRIT was my 10th or 11th choice in TS EAMCET counselling, but by the end of the orientation programme, I felt it should have been the first choice. All I can say is WOW!