The Culture of BVRIT


B – Bravura
V – Virtuous
R – Righteous
I – Innovative and
T – Tenacious

I have not come across all the qualities in one institution in my 18 years of experience from various institutions.

Exactly, on 6th July, 2012 I stepped into the Haritha Haram which is one of the schemes of the government of Telangana now! I forgot tiredness of journey all the way from Hyderabad to Narsapur. I could discover my hope and career in BVRIT!!


After listening to the speech of our visionary Chairman Vishnurajugaru who is a humane, I decided to work here permanently. Such a vision he has about the institution growth and concern about the students’ career and their life. I could not find this attitude towards the students in any other management where I worked.

* * *

The Place of BRAVURA, VIRTUOUS, RIGHTEOUS, INNOVATIVE and TENACIOUS gave me an opportunity on 7th January, 2015 in the form of Traditional Day to coordinate. It was stupendous and scintillating with all the festivals at one place in a day.

Since our beloved chairman is a secular and humane we could organize Bonalu, Bathukamma, Potharajulu festivals from Telangana State, Sankranti, Gangireddulata from Andra Pradesh and also kite flying Rangoli, Dandiya which is a north event and Tug of war and etc., it would be all eyes at once.


All the students, Hindu, Muslim and Christian attended in their traditional attires to show the unity in diversity and secularism in the institution. It seemed mini India on the day! This is enough to know the culture of BVRIT!

Besides, academics our BVRIT encourages the students in all round development to bring out friendly and sportive spirit among the students.


Many people graced this occasion especially Mr. Thanneeru Hareesh Rao Honourable Minister for Major Irrigation and Rural Development graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and blessed the students to be top and acclaimed that he missed the college like BVRIT to study! That is BVRIT!! Mr. MadhanReddy MLA, Narsapur Director, Principals, HODs, all the teaching and non-teaching staff and all the students participated with jubilant spirit enjoyed every moment and event of the day.