During these tough times across the globe, everybody’s life is affected ian one way or the other. Do not lose your hope and work hard for your better future. I want to share you some of my experiences in my journey. I was always fascinated about how television works. This fascination encouraged me to choose Electronics and Communication Engineering in my Bachelor’s at BVRIT Narsapur. It was in August 2014, the first time I visited BVRIT Narsapur and decided to pursue my dream of being an engineer in this campus. I was astonished at the beauty of the campus and the greenery across the college. The 4 years at BVRIT engaged me in different activities. It helped in developing communication skills and confidence which is very helpful in my current career. I would have had a feeling of regret, if I did not choose to step into BVRIT. The career I am currently in as a RF engineer and working with satellite frequencies was what I always wanted to do. This gives me immense happiness and satisfaction that I am working in a field that my heart and soul wanted to do. I worked in the National Instruments Laboratory and I gained lots of experience on LabVIEW, MATLAB. I take the opportunity to thank the faculty and staff for their generous support throughout my journey at BVRIT.

The dream to study abroad was always my passion and priority. This has motivated to take Electrical Engineering (Communications and Signal Processing) as my Master’s degree at Wichita State University. Wichita is a suburban in the south east of Kansas, United States. WSU was funded for research projects for both Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering. Students might feel a lot some of trouble during these days to fly and pursue because of the rules and regulations but one thing to keep in your mind is to follow your dream. It is very promising to get a part time job at our university. I worked as a Graduate Research Assistant for Libraries as a part of University preservation and Digitization. This job made me realize the value of old documents and their importance to get preserved for the review by future generation.

It was fortunate enough for me to work under few great professors for 5G communications at Wichita State University. 5G wireless is our coming future. We are going to engage ourselves in undisrupted signal strength and internet speed. Till now in the sector of telecommunications 5G wireless is going to bring in a myriad of changes in our lifestyle. This wireless technology is going to be transmitted in a low-level magnetic field, though it has its own pros and cons, once it is stepped into the market, it will do wonders. My current job role and focus as a RF engineer is to make sure I collect proper data, analyze the data based on the radio frequency and most importantly to improve radar design. The most interesting element in my Master’s is designing radar frequency.

Pull up your socks and get into this beautiful world and explore all you want to do. At the end of the day everything you do with a purpose is just wonderful and awesome. Don’t give up the challenges that come across your life. Humans intend to do mistakes, but that’s natural. Live up to your dreams and never ever give up.