Unveiling BVRIT: A Journey of Adaptation, Friendship, and Self-Discovery

First of all, Hi! I know this is informal but I think being informal sometimes makes you connect with people emotionally. So, coming to myself, I am Varshini from CSBS, a girl who feels like she is a mess of unfinished thoughts, but is not.

I haven’t been studious all of my life. I was just another student in my academics, not an average student and not a topper too. I didn’t expect to get into BVRIT but somehow the EAMCET counselling algorithm allotted me a seat in this prestigious college. As the proverb goes, “Every cloud has a silver lining”. I was pretty happy and confident about my college and my very interesting branch CSBS.

CSBS was exciting because the part of me that wanted to take MEC after 10th and get into business school would live her heart out by being able to study business here

So, coming to the 1st week of college, “The Induction Week” at BVRIT, I was pretty nervous the very first day but I was also very eager to meet new people, make new friends, study new subjects, and learn from professors. The vibe that college had was very different from my schooling and intermediate.

On the very first day of induction week, I met the respected dignitaries of our college. Our Principal, Sanjay Dubey Sir’s words were very inspiring. On that day I went on to the stage and spoke regarding my thoughts about BVRIT and was given a book that I chose from a bunch of books, it was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which I had not finished reading yet, but it is an amazing book.

Over the induction week, there were many programs, seminars, dances, interaction with seniors, forming lines, and going on the campus tour. It was really fun.

Slowly, and slowly, classes too began. The classes were great At least we weren’t made to sit for hours together and taught a particular subject like in inter colleges.

I also started enjoying the bus journey, with was 2 and a half hours, approximately 70 km. Now I am used to the bus journey. It is relaxing. I can listen to songs, study, eat, or scroll through on my mobile. I look at it as an escape from the real world and it also is like the Me-time for the day.

I have to give a special mention to the clubs that I have joined in the first 3 months of college. Being a part of the clubs’ culture, I got a lot exposure and opportunity to learn from my seniors and interact with them.

My dad once told me that the friendships that I got to make in engineering would stay throughout my life. In these three months, I’ve met many people and made a bunch of friends too and i hope these friendships stay intact in the upcoming years too.

The classes continued and the units in each subject were being completed. I realized that I was being a little lenient on my studies and started to study properly, I tried but couldn’t manage the labs, records and assignments, and there was so much else to complete

And then suddenly the Mid-1 exam dates were announced. I had mixed feelings because our exams were right after Dussehra. I didn’t know whether I had to celebrate the festival or prepare for the exams

In a glimpse, even the Dusshera holidays ended and my Mid 1 exam went somewhat okay.

It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great. There was a lot of room for improvement.

In a nutshell, to conclude my entire experience, I would say that it was a very different experience adapting to the culture of BVRIT and I’ve realized along the way that I belong here at this bench Where am sitting and writing this article on this classroom and at this building here right now It doesn’t matter if I had to travel 70+ km to be here because it is worth it every single day!

Thanks for reading