During these tough times across the globe, everybody’s life is affected ian one way or the other. Do not lose your hope and work hard for your better future. I want to share you some of my experiences in my journey. I was always fascinated about how television works. This fascination encouraged me to choose […]


Hi, I am Sharan Babu, a 3rd-year undergrad majoring in Computer Science at BVRIT, Narsapur. In this short article, I wanted to talk about what hackathons are and how they have benefitted me over the past few years. Since my first year of my Bachelor, I have been actively participating in coding competitions and hackathons. […]


Some buzzwords of the contemporary era are New Normal, Work from Home, Online Pharmacy, and Online Shopping. But when it comes to electric vehicles – can they become the new normal? This is a hot topic among people and everyone is skeptical about what will happen to this industry. The electric vehicle industry is still […]


Whoever said that the first impression is the last had surely not taken into consideration the plight of the thoda-confused-thoda-nervous fresher, trying to get acquainted with the brand new atmosphere of a college. Whether it’s an intro session with seniors or making an impression with faculty members – there’s a lot of chance of goofing […]


🏃‍♀️“I’m scared I’ll fall” This excuse is what stops you from taking that leap of faith. It is important to not just acknowledge failure but to normalize it and develop a tolerance for it.  ⏰ “I don’t have enough time” How you make use of your spare time counts. Try and schedule 30-60 minutes in a day […]