My First Interaction with SENIORS at BVRIT

Whoever said that the first impression is the last had surely not taken into consideration the plight of the thoda-confused-thoda-nervous fresher, trying to get acquainted with the brand new atmosphere of a college. Whether it’s an intro session with seniors or making an impression with faculty members – there’s a lot of chance of goofing up in one’s first interaction. Blame it on the increased excitement level or the anxiety of adjusting to a new setup, these interactive sessions often turn out to be funny and unforgettable experiences.

Oops! I didn’t know she was my senior

Seniors se panga? Not a very good idea “After three back-to-back lectures, we decided to take a break and headed straight to the canteen. A group of girls was sitting next to us. We thought they were juniors and we sat beside them and started a conversation with them. In the meantime, we looked up to their ID, then we came to know that they were seniors. We took a breather and asked that “Are you the Seniors?”, They laughed and replied, “Yes, we are.” At that very moment, we felt like we were in a mousetrap. But then they asked us to be calm and said don’t get tensed we don’t rag you. And then we felt like a bird flying free. They were friendly and cool!

BRO, chemistry lab kahan hai?

The most daunting task is to remember all the seniors by their faces.  “Unlike schools, colleges have so many faculty members and seniors. It’s practically impossible to remember everyone by their face. One of these days, I was getting late for my practical class and I didn’t know the way to the chemistry lab. I saw a boy in the corridor and he didn’t look like a senior. So, I casually asked him, ‘bro, biochemistry lab kahan hai?’ Later on, I discovered that he was the senior.”

Another fresher narrates a similar experience. “I had to go to cooperative stores to shop for some things. I’m new here and haven’t been out much. After stepping out of my block, he saw a guy on the road and asked him the exact location of the stores. The next day in college, a group of seniors called him for an intro session. I freaked out when I saw that the guy, to whom I had asked for the address of the stores, was one of my seniors. To his luck, the guy didn’t remember his face.

First Intro “My first intro session was hilarious,” some of the group of seniors called as we were four friends together we four went there. we were very tense our expectations were very different. As the seniors were looking were tall and well dressed and with good personalities. The first question was introducing yourself slowly our nervousness turned to excitement and the next question was which branch you people belong to then they said us to sit beside them we were discussing our core subjects and what are the things to be done in the upcoming years they told us everything about the campus and faculty and this way the first intro session continued for nearly one hour.

I’m not always broke

For some freshers, seniors come to their rescue in the most embarrassing situations. Recalls a BME student, “After college, I went to have a juice at the juice point. After having the juice, when I fiddled in my bag for my wallet, I realized that I had left it at home. Although I had called my friend to come urgently, the juice wala was glaring at me as if I was trying to bluff him. A senior spotted me and paid the money. I was so embarrassed. I told him that I had forgotten my wallet and I’m not always broke like this. He just smiled and went off. I’m thankful to him for coming to rescue me that day.”