BVRIT Narsapur is our flagship college established in 1997 offering all core branches in engineering (Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Electronics), in addition to Computer Engineering. What make BVRIT N unique is its interdisciplinary programs in Pharmaceutical Engineering and Bio Medical Engineering. The length and breadth of courses and labs allows students to do interdisciplinary projects that develop well rounded engineers to stand out in today’s competitive environment.


Time to take a joy ride of BVRIT …..

mahatmastatueAs the road leads to the footsteps of the iconic Mahatma Gandhi statue, it feels as if the heart of BVRIT, the Main Block, is more excited in extending its welcome than we are to take a tour of BVRIT, the temple of learning.

The Main Block is flanked by two other blocks namely the Aryabhatta and Visveswaraya Blocks, where the various departments reside. All the budding engineers, freshmen precisely, hardly witness an enclosed classroom atmosphere, rather the main block poses itself, collectively, as a smart classroom for all the first years. Royal English Lab, Well-equipped physics laboratory, sophisticated computer centre, a digital library and an advanced library add to the ammunition for building the fortresses of knowledge.

Now, fasten your seat belts and get ready to discover something unprecedented about the wings of innovation, the departmental blocks, known for grooming the students to make them industry – ready and providing the best platform for honing their skills. aryabhattablockThe departments of Computer Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Informational Technology and the Mechanical Engineering constitute the Aryabhatta block and Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering and the Biomedical Engineering departments form the Visveswaraya Block.

‘Smart work always has an edge over hard work’. The saying might be aging, but there is a mere reflection of the same in reality. Well this is an absolute myth in the BVRIT premises. The classrooms, equipped with systems and projectors speak for themselves. Effective learning, through power point presentations, specialized software and latest case studies, has taken over the antiquated fashion of reading the textbook out loud.

classroomThe labs complying with the modern standards play the ‘spinning a cocoon’ role in securing and enhancing the concepts taught through periodical experimentation and research-based learning. The Analytical Chemistry Lab, Process Heat Lab, Engineering Chemistry Lab, Mass Transfer Lab all serve to that purpose and bring out the potential for metallurgical findings, material research and pioneering innovative combinations of chemicals for extrapolating new formulae, in the chemical engineers.

Determined to stand out for the rescue of the fluctuating IT sector; programming, testing and designing have become a part and parcel of CSE and IT students. Once in a blue moon, the Computer Programming and Networking Labs are spotted deserted where, otherwise there’s no stoppage for the future IT professionals. But CSE and IT departments are more sought after for the specialized labs eclipsing the curriculum oriented labs, both, in performance and attendance.

The IBM Centre of Excellence defines excellence by hosting a number of hands-on and course/training oriented workshops including Android Apps Development, Windows 8 Apps Development, Ethical Hacking and many more. The Mission R & D Lab is picking pace in moulding the programmers towards Research and Development with various tools like Python, etc right from B.Tech. The Cloud Computing Centre is another feather in BVRIT’s cap.

BVRIT stole the thunder with the establishment of a Virtusa Pega University Connect Lab after whose completion; BVRIT has become one of the only five premier institutions in the world to boast of such lab. Virtusa being one of the companies to offer internships, students are continuously motivated to work on pega tools and are finding momentum to catch on.

embeddedThe departments of ECE and EEE have labs outnumbering the classrooms, which signify their consideration and priority for intensive learning. With Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab, Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab, Machines Lab, Integrated Circuits Lab altogether exerting a profound impact on students, in unleashing their ideologies and making them compatible with the machines and circuits comply with the contemporary standards.

Abridging the gap between the student force and the core sector professionalism, the first of its kind Texas Instruments Lab was brought to a cantering start, with students showing grit to take up full-time projects. The Embedded Systems Lab and the VLSI lab add an essence to diversify the prospectus and career aspects in the huge reserves of students’ perspectives.

The key distinguishers of BVRIT are the Microsoft Innovation Centre, the Cognitive Sciences Lab and the Randy Pausch Robotics Lab. MIC is the most advanced computer centre in the college where the Microsoft Student Partners, students engaged in courses and application development pertaining to Microsoft, work on their dream projects round the clock.

Ever since its inauguration, the Assistive Technology Lab has been the base for a technical revolution in BVRIT. It is the ATL where students engage in interdisciplinary projects, which roll out revolutionary products designed solely for assisting the challenged, especially the likes of Mechanical Engineering, Bio-Medical Engineering, ECE and EEE, converging their mindsets for the emergence of innovation, all under one roof.robotics04

Randy Pausch Robotics Lab and Jay Robotics lab have added a new dimension to BVRIT, bringing the artificial intelligence technicalities to laboratory level that has not only bolstered the spirits of students having an aptitude for it but lured them to take up interdisciplinary projects, enlightening the way for Mechanical, CSE, ECE students to work collaboratively. Another specialized lab is the Cognitive Sciences Lab that is meant for dealing with the results produced in figuring out solutions to complex problem, with the blend of cognition and sciences.

Finally, the MBA and MCA, lost in the scenic beauty of the never-ending greenery, also remind us of BVRIT flinging its arms into management apart from engineering.

Flapping its wings, never showing any sign of fatigue, BVRIT has set itself apart, with the sky as its limit.

In the present scenario, where several renowned, as well as nascent, organizations are tied up with their own work, BVRIT reminds us that the busiest men actually have more leisure, and it’s the leisure for imparting knowledge and providing distinctive exposure to the economically challenged children dwelling in the nearby villages.

In view of giving practical exposure to the rural school children in Physical and Biological Sciences and to create basic awareness of computer applications in their day-to-day life, Dr. B.V. Raju Knowledge Centre had been established within the BVRIT Campus, Narsapur.

Said to be the brainchild of the Chairman Sri K.V Vishnu Raju, the Knowledge Centre provides a complete infrastructure for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computers fields with a high speed Internet access and a well-stocked library to facilitate all the rural students of classes VI to X. BVRIT has adopted 16 schools in 2 mandal schools with over 3000 students per month benefitting from this initiative.

Apart from these, it also provides LCD and OHP Projectors, projection microscopes and other modern and sophisticated teaching aids. Three Lab Instructors, a computer instructor and an In-charge are appointed to assist the students. Students of 16 different schools, in and around Narsapur, are currently benefitting from this program.

Why not prepare a checklist before beginning the journey of a four-year B.Tech course in BVRIT? Departments, Fine! Courses, yes into the brain feed. What about course-materials? Well there’s no need to go about the city centre fretting about the availability of informative and appropriate books. The library here is just fabulous.

library-01With around 99599 volumes, over 9109 titles, the library is spread across an area of 1003 square meters, with a huge seating capacity and constantly guiding staff. Diverse variety of references, question-banks, practical guides and comprehensive competitive exams’ books, all relentlessly serve to enhance the fury for leaving no interstices in the students’ minds. A number of journals, covering 185 national and 365 online journals and 43 technical and non-technical magazines enable the students to associate their ideologies with the most happening innovations, round the year issue by issue. The library is always open on the working days right from 8 in the morning to 11pm, at night.

BVRIT’s auditorium, a majestic building with immense  ventilation, has been the pride of BVRIT always chipping in to raise the BVRIT flag higher. Right from organizing formal internal affairs to hosting international conferences, it has been the ‘trademark ‘for consensus building and promoting events. It is also the rehearsal base for the ‘college rock-band’.

Most of us must be aware that the historical monument, Charminar is now Wi-fi enabled. Well for those who aren’t aware of this here’s something considerably more amazing. BVRIT is also Wi-fi enabled. Honestly, one of the most anticipated topics among tech buffs, before going anywhere, is the availability of Wi-Fi. BVRIT is the right place to be if you love the net and like browsing useful things on it, as BVRIT supports Wi-Fi 24×7. Parents needn’t worry as the access given to the students is a “controlled” access where social networking sites, other unimportant and corrupted sites are blocked. So this is what is called a ‘win-win’ situation for all.

So this is a digital bonanza, for not just being a resourceful companion during boredom but also for potential intensive learning during free hours, for the jubilant and conventionally homesick hostlers.

hostelbuildingHere goes the hostel to the checklist. The hostel at BVRIT is an exuberant place to learn for the hostlers. We have about 900 students staying in the hostel and this number will increase to over 3000 next three years, this is the plan 2020! The most crucial dimensions of a student’s life pop-up and get stepped up here. Along with learning, a student acquires many qualities over here. As the staff is available round the clock at the staff-quarters, one can always find their doubts clarified and thoughts driven. Clubs like Club Inquizitive bring out the innate potential of an individual. Students can shape themselves up working out at the gymnasium. ‘We are for you’ is a team, of hostlers, that goes to orphanages, government schools and physically challenged children, to rejuvenate their spirits and inspire them to smile and fight through every misery. Hey you might have heard of the popular restaurants boasting of unlimited food, open air dining bla bla bla …. but let me say …. You are going to experience an exotic, limitless and moonlit dining once in a month where all the closest buddies have a munching gossip.

‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’. But when it comes to BVRIT, sports here are an integral part of the curriculum for physical fitness, character building and development of leadership qualities. Confirming the reputation as one of the best sporting institutes in the state, BVRIT offers extensive facilities for sports and games.

The college has a Basketball court that plays venue to many Inter college tournaments. With pools of talented players, BVRIT has always been one of the top contenders for any and every Inter college showdown. The court even has flood lights which illuminate the arena allowing the players to play day-night matches as well. With sweating their brows day and night, the college team emerged winners at the JNTU zonal level in basket ball in the year of 2007.

An exquisite indoor stadium for Badminton serves as honing ground for skills and allows to spending some quality racquet time for BVRITians. indoorstadium

Indians being diehard fans of cricket, BVRIT provides a perfect platform to play this sport by laying down a new strip of 22 yards with stands on the far side making the players feel right at a cricket stadium. Loads of inter as well as intra college tournaments round the academic year keep the grounds always occupied. Also, BVRIT has the credit of winning the Padmabhushan Dr.BV Raju Memorial Invitation Cricket Tournament thrice. With a 400-mt track laid around the cricket ground, 100mt sprint, 200mt sprint, relay racing, shot put and many more athletic games are in store @BVRIT.

A state-of-the-art gymnasium (for both boys and girls) is also available which helps BVRITians stay fit and maintain shape.

A well-maintained tennis court attracts loads of students and faculty members to swing their racquets and serve aces!

The BVRIT Football team won the Nationals Cup this year ie., 2015 setting the bar high for the students to make it into the team. With a vast ground and lush green lawns to play and practice, the sport of Messis’ and Ronaldos’ is highly encouraged. Don’t be surprised if you find the next Sunil Chettri to be a BVRITian;).

volleyballVolleyball is a popular sport in the college. With an exceptionally talented squad, the institute’s volleyball team has won the JNTU Volleyball tournament consecutively for three years now. Hostelers even get to play during the night time as the floodlights lit up the court side.

So come, sweat out your salts and breathe in the freshness of BVRIT.

Not an outdoor sportsperson? No problem! Step into the world of Coins, pawns and ping-pong. BVRIT offers a rich array of indoor games some of them being Carroms, Chess, table tennis, foosball and more.

With TT tables available in the hostels as well, the inmates have a jolly time playing this parlour game.

Every year BVRIT organizes Padmabhushan Dr B V Raju Memorial Sports tournament on the occasion of the Founder’s day during the month of October. As many as sixteen teams will be invited to participate in the tournament.

BVRIT is also the venue for JNT University Zone C Sports Competitions.


FOUNDERS DAY (15th of October) SPORTS – COMPETITION Invitational Sports Tournament (District / State Level)

– Annual Sports and Games Competition? Intra College Activity

– SEHATH – Sri Vishnu Educational Society Intra College Sports Meet.

So what are you waiting for?! Become a Saina or a Sania, Sachin or a Sunil. Set your goal, overcome the bouncers, hit those smashes and ace the boundary line! Game ON!!!

To share, relax, refresh, enjoy, relish, celebrate, energize and not compromise with the appetite, to all the foodies, there’s the Food court. Daffodils is the BVRIT-mess for, both, hostlers and day-scholars. The Food court provides you with the most delicious food. From Indian to Chinese, fruit juices to cold coffee, ice creams to Frankie, it has everything in its resume. The students enjoy these delicacies with friends, as they celebrate every moment. Be it birthday parties or success treats they live the moments hanging out here. Spacious enough to accommodate hundreds, it’s a food fiesta all the while. A tidy mess with hygienic food, glistening tables and clean environment has a lot to enrich out taste buds. A dosa kitchen, A couple of juice-stalls and a coffee station add up to the extravaganza.

Free Breakfast Scheme is the offshoot of the Chairman Sri K. V. Vishnu Raju’s noble intention to help students coming from great distance to college. About 3000 students benefit from this everyday.

FBS helps students perform their best by getting a kick start to their day. BVRIT students experience the power of a nutritious breakfast that provides both strength and energy for maximum learning at the college.

FBS is more than just having breakfast at the college. The engaging environment encourages students to develop social skills, take up responsibilities and grow academically through the wider benefits of breakfast.

lake1Apart from all these, the recreational hub of BVRIT- the Boats’ Club-brings the students and nature close to each other. Many of the colleges assume hogging the limelight, having an amphitheater or an auditorium but only BVRIT can be privileged to have a lake in the premises. Students come to paddle here regularly, often to let go off the steam, when the mind is distressed or losing traction control over it. It is strongly evident, here, that the connection with nature often sows the seeds for new connections among the students.

How many of us rate Summer as the most favourite season? Not many, is it? Well, BVRITians love Summer; not to see off the college, for vacation but taste the delicious mangoes from the enormous BVRIT orchard. Never often one living in the tech world gets to look at a 1000 mango trees stacked up across several meters and this mango orchard just spellbinds everyone. The fruit-laden trees are altogether an epitome of simplicity and yet high-yielding, symbolic of the actuality of students guided to be modest despite of acquiring knowledge for their greater good.

danceThe annual cultural festival of BVRIT, ZEALOTZ, comes with a bang in the month of March. Zealotz is an excellent platform, for the students, to showcase their entrepreneurial skills and other multifaceted talents, by involving many events like ‘The Battle of bands’, Vibrantviz (for dance performances), putting up food and drinks stalls and so on. A Stunt show, vibrant music and the much awaited Dee-Jay (DJ) all live up to the tagline of the event: ‘Entertainment Guaranteed’. The popularity can be judged by over 10,000 students gathered for the frenzy evening from about 100 colleges in the city.


‘Spreading the flame of knowledge’, ‘Whirling in the vortex of learning’, ‘Soaring in the blaze of technical projections’, altogether, the one word substitute is ‘PROMETHEAN’. Promethean is a national level technical symposium of BVRIT, organized by the students of all departments every year. During this time, a number of workshops, project expos and various competitions are held across several disciplines.

Fond of running? Missing the biggest marathons around the country is bothering you? In this case, BVRIT insists us to wave aside those thoughts and gear up for its very own 5K RUN, organized on a grand scale every year.

Don’t want to sweat it out while running, then let’s do it while sitting, and of course paddling. CYCLOTHON is another annual event of BVRIT, that witnesses an army of cyclists charged up for a ten-kilometer ride.

Impeccably, Indian tradition and culture is the most sacrosanct in the world. BVRIT understands this significance and encourages the preservation of culture, traditions and also values, observes the traditional day every year, students and faculty participate in various events with cultural fervor.

A leadership culture is where everyone thinks like a CEO. It’s one where everyone takes responsibility and is proactive in his/her response to situations and surroundings. For all of you who feel that your presence in the society is not merely living and enjoying your selves, but being empathetic and taking responsibility for a desired change, BVRIT stands as an outstanding instance. The NGOs namely Enlightening Lives, Urmi etc which are initiated and successfully run by students have had profound impact on the vicinity of Narsapur. Sure, You will also be roped up in to these initiatives once you learn the vision and objectives of these NGOs.

The Journey to success is long and there are times along the way when you need a pick-me-up. People seek motivation from different sources. Some seek guidance from the mentors; some get inspired by the success stories and in many instances by motivational speeches and activities.

You are sure to find all of these and many to add at BVRIT.



mrunaliniWritten by Dr. Mrunalini

Dr. Mrunalini,  a teacher by choice, practices the philosophy that teaching is a commitment to lifelong learning. She is friendly, fun loving and down to earth. She depicts articulation, politeness and contemplation in every task she takes on and enjoys spending time with her family.  Happiness for her is a smile on her kids’ face and a sparkle in the eyes of her students.