Fortunate to be a part of the BVRIT family

Long journeys have the greatest things hidden and one such best thing I discovered from my journey is BVRITN. I was really sick of studying in small rooms! Then landed in the right place. Oh! God! such a huge campus with amazing and plentiful greens around. I strongly felt it is worth my hard work all these years! This place truly proves “Health is Wealth”!! We may expect vast playgrounds, sophisticated classrooms, and highly equipped labs but we have something above our expectations too… that’s a hospital, always there for students and staff in need. The campus is always buzzed with many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. I’m proud to say that activities conducted by various clubs protect our interests, and enhance our creativity, teamwork, and time management.

I can truly say this is a land of opportunities that gives scope for the all-around development of a student. It’s quite interesting and motivating to see that even the deadly pandemic couldn’t make MNCs turn a blind eye to hiring BVRIT students, and this happened through the constant guidance of Professors, proper planning, and execution by the management. I am fortunate to be a part of the BVRIT family.