“Neither our Service fades nor your handprints”

27th of February, 2020, Enlightening Lives celebrated the world NGO day in an absolutely new fashion. The world NGO day 2020 bought the students of BVRIT together signifying the unity and willingness to contribute to socio welfare activities. On that day Enlightening Lives asked the students to imprint their palms on a white clothe to signify unity. This event saw tremendous success and made the freshmen know more about Enlightening Lives. Unfortunately, NGO Day was the last event that took place on campus. But Enlightening Lives didn’t stop its welfare activities amid the pandemic. Enlightening Lives helped more than 7 families during the peak of the pandemic by donating various useful items. Not only that Enlightening Lives organized more than 15 events and campaigns and saved the lives of suffering by donating its part. All of these couldn’t be possible without the support and donations from the students of BVRIT.
Enlightening Lives is committed to work with the same intent and lend its part in tackling the needs of the needy.

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