🏃‍♀️“I’m scared I’ll fall” This excuse is what stops you from taking that leap of faith. It is important to not just acknowledge failure but to normalize it and develop a tolerance for it.  ⏰ “I don’t have enough time” How you make use of your spare time counts. Try and schedule 30-60 minutes in a day […]


One-week Orientation Programme conducted by BVRIT has thoroughly exemplified that BVRIT stands apart from other colleges. The program has inculcated both significance of education and human values that has touched me beyond words. The special attraction of the programme is speeches by the guest speaker. Dr. C. Veerender’s (Psychologist) speech was the rays of sunlight […]


My sincere appreciation and gratitude to the management, teachers and all the staff members of BVRIT for their efforts in organising quality Orientation Programme even though it was virtual. I found it extremely beneficial and enlightening. It was inspiring as it gave desirable advice to the fresher community.  It helped me focus on my goal and will be a […]


“Fear is a journey, a terrible journey and sorrow is at least an arriving” — Wole Soyinka After a span of six years I spent time with my family at home day in and day out. It is such a great blessing in disguise being together for all four of us during this COVID-19 crisis. […]