A Turning Point

“Fear is a journey, a terrible journey and sorrow is at least an arriving” — Wole Soyinka

After a span of six years I spent time with my family at home day in and day out. It is such a great blessing in disguise being together for all four of us during this COVID-19 crisis. Present day life is so hectic that everybody is in a rat race, without knowing its true meaning and purpose. Life has become a mystery. We don’t have enough time to brood over it. This situation is a turning point to realize our dreams and goals. When I feel nostalgic about good olden days I recall famous Indian poet Dilip Chitre’s poem on Banyan Tree where he focused on traditional Indian deep rooted joint family system where people share their pain and pleasures, smiles and tears , happiness and sorrows with their kith and kin.

During this pandemic I see a lot of changes in various sectors in our country. Although we are facing recession on one side, I could also see great opportunities on the other side of the coin. The positive corner of this situation is that plenty of opportunities are visible in Health care and e-learning platforms. Human compassion and sensitivity increased among people irrespective of their social cadre.

As I am a final year student at first COVID 19 traumatize my future plans and career but as days pass by I moulded myself , diverted my thought process towards various fields in which I need to master. This is a time an individual can put efforts to develop one selves. Apart from an academic perspective I have taken this situation as a challenge and tried helping out my peers to get over this crisis. It is my conviction that we have to feel every moment and experience the essence of life. These undeclared holidays made me to get in touch with my childhood friends , kindergarten teachers whom I once had no time to talk. This covid-19 altogether taught me a different kind of experience.

To summarize my daily routine, it starts with morning yoga and cooking ends up with reading books and writing diary. I could actually encounter that these are the most contented holidays I have ever spent

In the dark clouds of uncertainty about the future of our country there is a silver lining that India as a nation triumphs in near future and emerges as stronger as it was in the past.