Leadership Lessons

Following the footsteps …

He is a principled man who always likes to make others happy. He is my mentor and more than anything else a true motivator. He retired as Chief Administrative Officer in the Office of the Director General of Police, Hyderabad and presently working as Advocate (Lawyer). His name is Sri ADAPALA RAMA MURTHY. He is my Father.

Trait No. 1: – Clarity of Vision

Most people know what to do and how to do things in their life and many a time they fail to understand why they do what they do. My father always made us to understand why we do what we do. (Trait No. 1: Clarity of Vision). Getting rich was never the chief goal in life (Want to be wealthier, than getting rich). I know exactly why I have chosen teaching as my profession and can exactly see where I will be in the next few years (probably as Chief Mentor at my University). He is a role model not just for me but also for an entire generation of people around him in his office and family.

Trait No. 2: – Make a difference to the lives of others

He always made us to believe that achievers are those whose deeds will bring name and fame to themselves. But people become GREAT when they can make a difference to the lives of other people (Trait No. 2). This motivated me to choose teaching as my profession even though I would have joined the Police Force (Got selected as Deputy Superintendent of Police). With the skill set I have (and the value system I follow), I believed that as a teacher (now Associate Professor) I can add more value to people than being a Police officer.

Trait No. 3: – Passion

At the age of 75, most people sit idle at their homes passing time in some household chores. My father might have retired from his official job, but never retired from his work. Still he has the same passion / Endurance (Trait No. 3) to his work as he had 30 years ago.

In general people think that teaching is a bit monotonous. But he made me understand that we can always make any job more interesting, effective and student centric only if we have passion towards our job. Also I was always amazed by his simplicity mixed with his candidness. Besides being a Lawyer, he authored many books related to Law, Conduct rules, Arms Act etc. He is also one of the Chief Instructors at Telangana Police Academy giving training to high ranking Police Officers.

I am what I am, NOT because of the efforts I put on.

I am what I am, is because I always blessed with the support of a great human being.

Thank You Father!!!