Your Talks – A BVRIT Born Organization

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble and reasonable confidence in your own powers,you cannot be successful or happy”. This is the principle of the budding organization “YOUR TALKS“.

Exactly a year ago, a bunch of people under the leadership of Mr. Jai Chender, the founder of “Your Talks”, who had the ideology that every person can speak English and what’s required is just a little push for every student to speak confidently, have started the club named “Your Talks” in the campus of our very own college B V Raju Institute of Technology. We the people of “Your Talks” always firmly believed that “Great things in an organization are never done by one person, they’re done by a great team of people.” It is this kind of ideology which made us work collectively, respecting every individual’s idea and coming out with a particular agenda for each and every session. “Your Talks” reckons that every individual should get a platform where they can keep their fears aside and truly open up their minds. And as they speak English on regular basis they can get the confidence to speak English and to observe and learn from their mistakes. As everyone knows, ups and downs are pretty common in an organization, even we have faced many obstacles in our road to development, but the team of “Your Talks” faced them together and has successfully reached a milestone of one year anniversary.

25th January 2017, the day when “Your Talks” was born. Season one kick-started with 40 participants only from department of Electronics and Communication Engineering and we started conducting sessions which focused on techniques to improve confidence, we had several debates, Group Discussions and the list goes on. But as the sessions were being conducted periodically, we noticed that the strength was decreasing, it was then that we came up with an idea of an innovative workshop which has struck a chord with the students and once again the strength and interest started flowing in. Season one was a great start for us and “Your Talks” then decided to extend the platform to other departments too. This time, in addition to the regular interactive sessions we decided that we had to give the students a source of inspiration to help them achieve their goals in life. And thus, the idea of the “Youth Empowerment Session” (YES) was born, where eminent personalities would come to our college and inspire students with their story of success and failures, after this, each and every student of BVRIT got to know about “Your Talks” which helped us expand our wings to the whole college.

And in season 3, all the branches were included into our curriculum. We are glad to say that today, “Your Talks” is in this situation because of each and every organizing committee member who gave their hundred percent and greatly contributed in their very own way. They were with us through the thick and thin of “Your Talks”. Our special thanks to our faculty coordinator Mrs. Anupama madam, she has always been with us by our side and has been a great support to “Your Talks” as a mentor and connected with us as close as a friend. It is because of all these people, all the students who always wanted to make a difference within themselves, and all the people who contributed in their own ways that helped “Your Talks” reach its very own first milestone of celebrating one year anniversary. We are happy to announce that we have started “Your Talks” council, which will take care of expanding our organization to other colleges too. And yes, we are a year old now and we thank students, faculty, for their contribution and support, helping us aim high and reach greater heights day by day.

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect”