SynerGE HACK ‘E’ LTH contest winners by GE Healthcare

During my internship in a hospital, I had observed a major problem. And that is, intravenous infusion is one of the common methods to supply medication to the patients but monitoring this infusion is a tedious task for the nurses as they must look after many patients simultaneously due to which there is a possibility of reverse blood flow which is dangerous. This is where I came up with the idea of creating an application that helps the nursing staff monitor and control the flow into the body.

Soon I went to the Assistive Technology Lab of BVRIT (it’s a lab which is one of its kind and a brainchild of our beloved Chairman, Vishnu Raju sir) in search of an enthusiastic team that would stand with me and as a team, we could fulfill our mission. With this, I formed my team with V.L.RajeshG. Harsha Vardhan Reddy, K.Sushma, from Computer Science stream B.Roshini Sai from Bio-Medical Engineering stream. The reason for choosing CSE students was because this idea revolved around developing a application. Despite the different opinions among my teammates, their dedication helped the work go smooth. Working with my teammates who proposed different methodologies to solve our problem, with different workmanship and multiple parameters being calculated and explored and as well as failing many times in this process, I had realized what not to be done and learned many things and imbibed vast amount of knowledge. With this, our full-fledged product Drip-‘M’ was developed.

As a team lead, I went through multiple hackathons in search of one with a medical inclination and then participated in the Smart India Hackathon, which marked the birth of our team “Comrades”. Here we went into finals and were one among the top 10 teams.

The failure in Smart India Hackathon gave rise to the fuel of motivation within us and hence we went to the SynerGE Heath-Hack, Bangalore under the aegis of GE Healthcare. The mentor for our team was Mr.Rajan, fulltime Data Analyst, who has been working for GE (General Electric) for the past 16 years. He has been a great helping hand to us throughout the hack and as well as a very resourceful person who had very warm hospitality towards us and made us feel extremely comfortable. There was an online round where we had to submit our ideation and documentation from which the top 10 teams were selected among which we were one. The offline round was a hackathon for 2 days. By the end of day-1 among the top 10 teams top 3 teams were selected and on day-2, winners were announced. All our hard work had paid off and we got the fruit of success by winning 1st prize in the hackathon.

I would like to thank our college BVRIT to be a great support system for me throughout my journey and would like to state that it is because of their help and the support of my team Comrades that I was able to achieve all of this.