It was the day 1 of Lockdown period, me, my brother and father rushed to the nearest market place to get the essential items. I hustled to supermarket to buy ready to eat /instant / canned foods. My brother went to drug store to buy medicines and my father came back with fresh vegetables, fruits (including dry fruits) and few books to read. We three of us bought what we feel most (worried about) important at that point of time.

After the dinner on the same day, we three of us were discussing on the segment of people getting affected by COVID-19. My father (aged a healthy 79) opined that there are three sets of people when it comes to living hale and healthy. First set of people never understand (give) the priority to health (me, bought canned foods). Second type worries too much about the health (my brother, bought medicines even when they are not necessary) and the third lives happy because there is no need to bother about their health (father, bought vegetables and fruits). He brought out the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle that keeps us more immune to any kind of disease.  In general we all overlook this factor. COVID-19 is pouncing on people of lesser immunity. The quality of health depends on our eating preferences.

Avoidance of outside/ready to eat /junk food and having a healthy nutritious diet (supplemented with regular physical exercise) will definitely make our immune system stronger that can fight any kind of disease and won’t fell prey to medicines /doctors.

So COVID-19 should really be an eye opener for all of us to realize that (having) it is pivotal to have a good immune system that builds and sustains good health.

Remember, your immune system is the most important line of defence against any form of illness. Hence it is rightly said, “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, all is lost.
Stay Healthy, stay happy.

As always,
Kishore Sir.