Getting Ready for Tomorrow’s World

Quarantine has changed everything. On the eve of 15th March 2019, the college has announced holidays. Initially, I was very happy about the sudden vacation thinking that I would finally have some time to relax. But this didn’t last for long. Within just a week, we stopped getting house help, which meant I had to help my parents with the house chores. Just then, online classes had begun and assignments started piling up. I had a hard time to manage both studies along with household responsibilities.

Eventually, I got accustomed to this routine and only a little later did I realize that this was a blessing in disguise. Within just a few weeks, I started to notice a significant change in my attitude which I surely did not anticipate. Multitasking and Indulging in various activities has made me more proactive and efficient at the stuff I do. Unknowingly, I had learned how to manage time and keep up with both my personal and professional life. It has also brought me a lot of time to explore my interests.

I had picked up a few online courses that would boost my skills. Various online learning platforms have opened us to a variety of courses which would bridge the gap between college and the industry. The best part about online learning is that it is self-paced and you can go about it according to your convenience. At the same time, it requires you to be self-motivated and exploratory. This has helped me discipline myself and find new ways to enhance my skills. The future is all about self-learning and I believe this is the best time to practice it.

Knowingly or unknowingly this quarantine has brought in a lot of self-realizations. It has taught me to appreciate tiny things in life which I’ve always happened to overlook. It has forced to have a complete personality makeover and prepared me for the future. Today, I feel incredibly optimistic about the future and I can now confidently say that I am more self-sufficient, self-motivated, patient and definitely ready for tomorrow’s world.