A Good Online Experience

Initially I heard the news of the CORONA Virus spreading in the Wuhan city of China and China initiated lock down. The Fick’s law of diffusion states that, the diffusion takes place from higher concentration to lower concentration and the COVID-19 also diffusing in same manner. In that situation the only solution to stop the diffusion of COVID-19 is lockdown and as an immediate act INDIA has initiated lockdown and given most priority to the lives of Indians than anything.

After joining in this college, I have opportunity to participate in number of activities facilitated by VEDIC, through which I have learnt many things and practiced several online tools like Google Classroom, Edmodo, etc but the satisfaction was minimal like application of Nanofluids in process industries. During the lockdown the knowledge gained at VEDIC has became as a gold treasure in Padmanabha Swamy temple and I have effectively delivered online classes with maximum effectiveness.

It is very difficult task to engage students in online for long hours but the students have cooperated well and did most of the assigned tasks on time. Thanks to all students for their efforts to learning things online.

Wholehearted thanks to Chairman Sir, Principal Sir, HOD Madam, All faculty members, Non- teaching staff and management for your continuous support.

Wish the COVID 19 medicine is invented as early as possible and the glory be retuned to globe in terms of health and wealth. Jai Hind !!