Future is in Our Hands

March 14th was the day COVID-19 changed everything for me. On the very day we had our minor project reviews to be conducted and also exams were approaching within a week or two. It was all of a sudden, this shocking news, LOCKDOWN. Before that, I had honestly brushed off the news of COVID-19. From what I heard the flu infects and kills many more people than COVID-19 had even touched.

On top of that, it seemed to me that the virus only affected the elderly, the very young or anyone with a weak immune. So I was sure that my 19-year old self could fight off something that seemed less harmful than the seasonal flu. Obviously, I was very wrong. COVID 19 has now become the global pandemic, infecting every single person it comes in contact. We can actually call it the “Invisible Enemy” as it is spreading without any warning.

In the beginning, I was a bit excited hearing the news, so that I can take a break from the routine. Self-isolation has actually been an interesting experience for me these days. And then days passed, weeks passed, and now it has been 2 months that I’ve stepped out of my house. It was just the COVID-19 everywhere and then our online ZOOM experiences, online assignments, online courses have started. At this point of time, I really miss our hangouts, everyday classes and all. But I believe that COVID-19 has a very positive impact on me, I took this opportunity to learn many new things and also improve my personality. It took time for me to adjust with the things going around. The best part of this pandemic was spending time with my family, every second was priceless.

I know, there are many losses and people are suffering due to this pandemic, but there is also an interesting thing amidst these. Our Mother Earth is healing; it is a sigh of relief for our future generations. Even now it is only in our hands to be safe. The only way is to STAY HOME and STAY SAFE!