Learning from Lock Down

“Lockup” is a word familiar to me through media and crime movies but I heard the word “Lockdown” for the first time only this year. Subsequently I came to know many other words such as pandemic, quarantine, outbreak etc. This covid-19 has really unsettled the world and taught us many new lessons and uncertainties of life.As someone quoted “The most negative word nowadays to be heard is “positive”.

To be frank I felt happy first to have holidays to spend some quality time with my family. Later on when I learnt the difficulties faced by the people and especially the problems of migrant workers and daily waged laborers I was grieved about the situation. Lockdown taught me some very important lessons of life.

Even though I am familiar about online teaching and personally undergone online courses in NPTEL, it was the first time that I have conducted online teaching sessions. At first I felt little a uncomfortable because it is totally different for me and also I was missing the personal touch with students. After that I made up my mind and started delivering classes freely. I am exploring better ways for making online classes interesting for the students.

I am more concerned about students, as they have to attend online classes for three to four hours a day over headphone which is not an easy task that too staying at home. Really I appreciate students that they are doing very well in this new mode of academic pursuit.

I am very much thankful to the management for providing us many skill development facilities like Courses and FDPs. I am grateful to our revered Chairman for consistently motivating us. I am thankful to our Principal Sir and HOD for patiently motivating and encouraging us all the time.

By taking precautions suggested by the government, we can collectively fight against Coronavirus and build healthy India.

It is my wish and expect that the situation would become better and we will soon be in our campus and enjoy our class room teaching.

Jai Hind