Exploring the Opportunities

COVID – 19 has brought a tremendous amount of change in my daily life. Like every other engineering student, my daily routine involved going to college and coming back home. It didn’t allow me to have any time for myself or focus on the things that I love.

I have a penchant for painting, but I never had the time to work on it. Due to the lockdown, I now have enough time to pursue my interests and I started painting frequently. It gave me an opening to work on my academics and explore different opportunities within the field of my interest. Also, I’ve started learning the Spanish language which I wanted to master for a long time now.

Initially, just staying at home seemed like a huge vexation. However, I eventually learned to accommodate to “social distancing”. Usually, everyone in my house would be busy dealing with their work and problems. Now, we get to spend a lot of time together. We have fun and talk about myriad things.

That being said, staying at home for 2-3months straight is not an easy thing to do. I miss spending time with my friends and I hope we’ll leap over this hurdle soon.

I’m sure this pandemic has brought a lot of problems, heartbreak, and pain to many people out there. But focusing on that will just amplify the negativity. I believe it depends on the perspective and I choose to see the silver lining of this lockdown.