Look at the Brighter Side of Life

For a person who is not a fan of socializing and who thrives being at home, quarantine is not a hard thing. I saw myself exploring a variety of options to make the most of it in these two months. From lazying around at home to making workout schedules…from fretting about the future to laying out plan B and plan C… from being the best procrastinator to burning the midnight oil to finish project work…from being a night owl to waking up before sunrise in the hope of being more productive…from doing daily chores to attending the online courses which were waiting to be completed….from feeling helpless about doing something for the people in need to donating the little money which I earned from my internship….each experience helped to make a better version of myself.

Some may think that a country is to be blamed for causing the chaos…some may think that a few people are responsible for spreading the virus…some may think that we’re made to pay for our ill deeds….whatever the blame game may be, it has hit the innocent really hard. Nevertheless, it made us more compassionate for each other. And as they say, there’s a bright side to everything, the nature is healing itself.