Stay Positive

It is said that “Good things happen slowly and bad things happen at rapid pace”, such is the present scenario with COVID-19 at our doorsteps. For the past two months I have gone through a lot of uncertainties both in our personal as well as professional lives. To start with the early week of March was the time when I came to know about the seriousness of COVID-19 pandemic, by when most of the countries had declared lockdown. My situation was tensed, having a year old kid and parents nearing 60’s, the foremost thing which came to my mind was to secure grocery items required for my family for at least a month. So each day while returning from college in the late evening, started purchasing the essentials on priority bases. By the end of March second week, the news on lockdown was circulating and most of the educational institutes like schools (Where my Nephew is admitted) were declaring shutdown. With our college also declaring holidays for students from third week of March, as a faulty of BVRIT I was busy with uploading of NBA SAR document and wanted to finish of my work before the break. This phase of life taught me the importance of financial management and how disastrous was our casual approach. With this I had to set up new approach towards life like prioritizing and revisiting your financial Goals, Stop making decisions based on Fear, reducing the financial obligations like debts and expenses, guarding your Health and Wealth, keeping enough liquidity to meet urgent needs, etc

On the professional front, this phase has brought a humongous change in the way we usually see teaching as. I could up skill myself by doing online courses from reputed institutes and test my knowledge and gain confidence. The real difficulty came when we started teaching online; with traditional teaching I was able to handle the emotions and could grab attentions of students quiet efficiently. But with online classes this was difficult and for gaining the command back, had to go through certain webinars and articles on teaching learning and make the necessary change to the method of delivery.

Putting all together, there are always two sides of any situation, the one which is positive and the other negative, and these situations are unavoidable. From my personal side COVID-19 has brought only positives in me.