Live the life FULLY: Nothing is more important than LIFE

Beginning of this year if anybody had told me that 2020 will make the entire world lock themselves in their homes, I definitely would have thought that this man had gone crazy. But today living in this very unprecedented times it is quite a shock how Corona Virus has affected the lives of each and every individual.

Looking at the bright side, I along with my mother and daughter have spent some real quality time together. We cooked some great dishes which we would never even try like baking cakes without oven or making panipuris and jalebis which were once easily available on streets back then.  Also, this lockdown period made me revisit my childhood again, we played indoor games like chess and carroms and I also had the opportunity to connect with my long lost friends, my classmates till 7th grade and it felt surreal talking to them after 30 long years.

 Our internet consumption reached an all-time high as we were using Netflix and Prime constantly watching all the movies starting from the 90s to the current period.  Our work life wouldn’t have been easier without Apps like Zoom, Microsoft teams, Hangouts as these applications made us connect with our students and colleagues and get our jobs done. These sources helped me conduct classes and quizzes, and provide materials to the students.

 Psychology has always been my favorite subject, but I could never do anything about it. I felt there is no better time than this lockdown to pursue it. Whenever there was free time I dedicated myself to Coursera. I finished my first course and got a certificate from a foreign university, it got me really excited and there was no stepping back after that and I finished five psychology courses in Coursera.

 This lockdown also taught a lesson to my daughter on her birthday to adjust with what we have. If not for this lockdown she definitely would have spent around 10 to 15k rupees on a new dress or partying with her friends, instead she celebrated her birthday by cutting homemade cake and wearing a new saree bought for myself a while ago and was happy with these simpler things.

 All this might sound great, but every time we step out of the house wearing masks and using sanitizers to buy daily necessaries, there is an underlying fear about the risk we are taking.  This fear was not only regarding health but also about the future. Our recent interaction with our honorable Chairman Sir gave us great courage and faith towards future and laid our fears to rest. This pandemic has taught us that nothing is more important than “life” and reminded us of the saying ‘Health is wealth’ without which nothing is meaningful, so please stay safe and healthy.