Getting Acquainted with the New Normal

This sudden change has been very significant as it has brought into light many of my hidden traits and changed my perspective in learning and teaching. The first few days were loaded with many anxieties, concerns and preparation for an entirely new normal. Though online teaching is not completely new, as few of the modules are put in use during the regular classroom teaching, it has given all of a new chance of course, to explore various tools as Google Classroom, Zoom, Google Meet, Hangouts, Kahoot, Mind Map etc. through which I can jumpstart to teach, conduct tests and assess my students. I never knew I could learn very fast, adapt to new state of affairs and use technology just like any other tech savvy. However, online teaching is not a cake walk. Challenges like grabbing the interest of students, designing attention-grabbing content, charming the students the whole time, have provided an opportunity to me in redesigning my content; to contemplate on my delivery techniques and to set up short quizzes envisioning the needs of the students. Assignments pouring in the right time, tests being taken by almost all students and active participation in the online classes are not only testimonies for pupil being more solemn in their activities but also boosters for me. In this process, I thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative work in the department, be it learning, sharing, guiding, researching, communicating and the list goes on; which resulted in a strong bonding with faculty.

To articulate the best moment amidst a bundle, during this pandemic, is undoubtedly the intimate conversations I had with my students. The relief that was evident in the student’s tone of voice after pouring his heart out, knowing that there is someone listening is really inexpressible. These conversations have given me a prospect to work with compassion, humility and love.

Participating in online FDPs, enrolling in new courses, attending webinars, preparing content, taking online classes, interacting with students, dedicated time to family and household chores – WOW … I realized, I (teachers) am no less than a super woman armed with meticulous planning and wonderful execution!

I do miss my lustrous green campus, the intellectual discussions in the staff rooms and the classroom settings though; I sure am glad that we were given a chance to strengthen our weaknesses, to spend quality time on research, to explore new opportunities, to organize, to clear backlogs, to strengthen relations and many more in this pandemic. COVID 19 is not the end, we may have to face many new challenges, and the deep rooted positivity in every BVRITian for sure is going to see opportunity in every adversity. I am in no doubt we are all going to meet on campus very soon sharing all the treasured moments.

Be vigilant and be safe.