Time to evaluate Career Options

It’s been more than two months since I last stepped into my classroom; well the shift to online platforms has been an exciting and a very hectic one. As students and teachers scramble and to familiarize themselves with the new tools at hand, I find this situation to be something straight out of a science fiction novel. The quarantine has given me some time to introspect and reflect on my decisions and evaluate my career options. The online teaching trend has ushered in the habit of self-paced learning, which helped me learn various topics at my own pace.

The comforts of the college life which I have taken for granted have left me with a regret of not utilizing those precious moments to their fullest potential. I even picked up a few necessary life skills in my pass-time, which helped develop into a complete human being. I am enjoying this new switch to online classes, but I still miss the interactive aspect of in-class learning. The people who I miss the most are my friends, and the food that I crave is the canteen food. These were supposed to be my last few days in our college hostel before I move back to my parent’s house.

Well, this concept of self-paced learning has left me with more time on hand, the lack of a forced schedule has forced me to manage my time, and stop me from procrastinating. I have recently perfected the art of “Binge Watching”, which helped in watching all those in my watch later playlist. Cooking has essentially become my solace in these times of desperation and crisis. I even picked up psychology which I believe helped me evolve as a person.

As I enter my 4th and the final year of engineering, has left me with an insurmountable pressure of finding a job or planning my future course of action. So, this pressure has become a driving force for me to learn essential skills to create a resilient resume. The constant support from my department and placement team helped me out a lot.

“Become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement.”