Get the Best out of the Situation

I learned 2 new words in Year 2020, which completely changed lifestyle of everyperson.1st word is COVID 19, the Corona virus pandemic disease which has spread to almost every country and took lives of many innocent people.2nd word quarantine, a strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease. These two words impacted global health, social, economic and political crises that will leave deep scars even in the future.

Due to COVID 19 when government declared holidays for a week, beginning days of quarantine, I was very happy. Every educational institute including our college started online classes. We had 2 classes per day, quiz tests, assignments, project report and examination. I was completely bored with all those works .I personally felt class room learning was better than online as we habituated to it .But the main reason is I missed my way to college, our college breakfast, our lecturers, their scolding and hanging out with my friends.

We never know whether we get such free time again. So I decided to utilize it properly. I took up few online courses in programming and on my core relevant subjects. I completed my online internship. I started drawing again. Spent time with my family, connected with my old friends, tried many new dishes at home, and watched all the web series which I missed from past few months. I got lots of time to search more information regarding my project. I even started working on my personality development.

As time passed I was worried as our source of income reduced because of quarantine extension. Life has become tough to many middle class and poor families. I hope the dark clouds of this COVID 19 go away and rays of good health and happiness spread. Till that day arrive STAY HOME, STAY SAFE.