Dealing with the Massive Shift

The COVID-19 pandemic situation has thrown challenges to the teaching fraternity as teaching-learning process had a major shift from classroom to the smart devices while remote learning became imminent. This massive shift from traditional classroom to online mode was not at all difficult to me; thanks to the team at VEDIC who trained us well in advance about the latest tools of engaging students in the teaching-learning process.

Since I closely work with learning and development professionals of the industry, I felt that my students can leverage on this opportunity by enhancing the skills and hence encouraged them to join in online courses. I miss my faculty colleagues, beautiful campus and of course my students very much. In the beginning, few students could not join as they lack basic infrastructure in setting up things for attending online sessions, but later coped up well. In fact there are few advantages in engaging sessions online, like switching between PPT, videos and Cases. Most of the students logged in with only audio, this sometimes makes me feel bit away otherwise learning goes on well. I think this has been difficult for all of us in different ways.