Dealing With The New Normal

It all happened so fast! In January there was just a news about “CORONA” and by the end of the month first case was reported in India, while we at BVRIT were so busy completing formalities related to NBA that every other news was felt as a temporary situation. But CORONA took over things which were taken for granted, at a hasty pace. We lacked preparation, nor could anticipate the brutality of the situation. This situation pushed us to transform our working style. Initially, it was just “WORK-from-HOME”, then it became “TEACH-from-HOME” and now all we are asked to do is be prepared to “PRACTICE-from-HOME” the best Teaching & Learning methodologies. It has all become a part of the life now.

I used to pity myself for not spending enough time at home with my two kids KHYATHI (3+) and KRITHI (2+). Usually, I would be long gone by the time they woke up and used to come home all tired after travelling 2-2 ½ hrs of journey to and from BVRIT. I used to wait for Sundays to come early, to spend some time with family. Now during this lockdown, the new routine goes like this …. workout followed by grocery pickup, sprouts/salad followed by breakfast, checking emails and responses followed by calls, online class engagements followed by updating in spreadsheets, lunch break followed by Mahabharat, short nap followed by snacks, Webinars followed by Coursera course work, and finally, evening news followed by dinner.

I still have to squeeze time out and spend time with kids and family members.

I am part of the BVRIT family since 2014 and till date I have never seen BVRIT backed down and I know it never will, no matter whatever the odds. We as the faculty members are intense to serve students for their betterment. Down somewhere I still doubt myself about how do I blend the elements of emotion, empathy and excitement while delivering online classes. But I am pretty sure time will give answers to all of them and wish this situation could not get any worse but will get better and all our lives will come back with stricter norms as new normal.