The Leaders’ Call – A Letter to the Class of 2020

There is a reason why humans are considered superior than other living beings, no matter how many downsides there are to human actions and behaviours – we are resilient creatures. We gain momentum amidst adverse conditions. We thrive through survival instincts. We have been subjected to pandemics and disasters for thousands of years before today, and we have always risen above all of them. We can and we will do it again. Yes, almost the entire world is in a lockdown, yes, there is a deadly virus out there, and yes, we are losing out on a lot of moments in our lives like our graduation and our first day at work. But yes, there is a lot of hope too. Today, the world is connected rather deeply than we have ever been; the distancing is only physical, not social. We have every sort of knowledge base ready for us to respire and rise above this pandemic that ails us temporarily.

I believe that trends are set regardless of a pandemic being present or not. If work-from-home becomes a way of living, so be it. If online classes become the next big thing in the education system, so be it. Nevertheless, this is the time, my fellow batch mates, for us to lead the world to a better place. I have a gut-feeling that nothing is ever going back to normal again and that is alright! We can gain from this chaos too, and probably upskill ourselves better sitting in the comforts of our houses.

In the past couple of months, I have completed several online courses, and so have many others. And I miss being on campus and interacting with my peers and professors, and I believe that will come back really soon. I know everyone feels the same way, and I empathize with every single person reading this. But I have just one request – have faith.

This pandemic is a call for all the leaders out there. The world needs us more than ever before. Let us step forward and do what we are known to do – be unstoppably resilient.

Yours truly,
An Engineer from the class of 2020
Leading in his own little ways