Stay Resilient and Wish For Better Future


Obviously Covid-19 has bought many changes in current lifestyles of students. It’s been really difficult to cope with the online classes in the beginning. Nevertheless, they can bring the same classroom experience we had in our college. It’s really different from those days where we used to discuss things directly with our mentors and friends. Fortunately, my professors have been so supporting that to some extent we are able to grasp the subject.

On the other hand, this lock down also bought a lot of time to self-evaluate. Now, I know on what areas I need to improve my expertise. Self-learning enhanced my knowledge. I always wanted to be multi-disciplinary which is why this time is valuable to me. Back then I had a timetable where I couldn’t organize things as I wished. Now that I’m all on my own, things have improved dramatically. Being an avid reader, I can put my maximum amount of time on reading. In spite of all the disturbances we basically have at our home, I managed to keep my learning always on the track.

Looking into future, there are some questions that occupied me. Very early, I realized that panicking won’t help. All I can do is stay resilient and hope for better future. Staying home for more than two months has been difficult. But it’s not just me who is going through this pandemic and it is my responsibility to stay home and ensure the safety of others. Lockdown has taught me time management, responsibility and accountability.

Lastly, I want to remind to people who are having similar dismay that we are all in this together. From now on things won’t be the same but one has to ready for everything. Life can change in a flash and this virus has shown us that. Please stay home because ultimately everything comes down to life. Nothing’s precious than life.

My deepest gratitude to all doctors, government officials who are relentlessly working for our safety.

Stay home, Stay safe.