It’s Your Choices that determine Your Life

Ever since the start of quarantine, it has been all about social distancing and staying safe at home. It’s been about 2 months since, all of this has begun and I had my shares of ups and downs. Initially it began with, me being happy about this unannounced vacation which I felt was much needed for me. So, I relaxed as much as I could. But soon, after a week I realized that it was time for me to be productive.

Online classes had begun and lots of assignments had piled up. All this only made me realize that, it was lot more fun learning face-to-face than online. It took tremendous effort paying attention to classes with tempting distractions around. I did miss socializing. Oh lord! It also made me realize the pleasant campus we have.

With time, I got adapted to this new way of learning and a whole new way of life. I had decided to use this time effectively for enhancing my abilities both professionally and personally. The faculty had put their efforts in providing us links of various online courses to boost up our skills. All these helped me become an improved version of myself professionally and helped me bag an intern as well.

The step I had simultaneously taken was to equally improve myself personally. I gave my passion for writing, a part of everyday. With a peculiar interest I have developed towards Indian mythology and culture, I also spent a fair amount of time researching about them. I indulged in meditation which brought a lot of peace and stability. Many could say that’s boring and honestly, so did I when my father suggested it. But, as I continued, I realized that I was wrong about it as it did help me become a better individual.

This COVID season had a huge share of cons but, I made sure to compensate with equal share of pros as well spending my time wisely because, in the end, it is your choices that determine the life you want to lead every moment.