Learning for a Ca”US”e! – Initiative to help rural women!

Education does not always account to mere grades but it definitely emphases on learning. We students here at BVRIT have understood the subtle art of learning and putting our thoughts into action by contributing a little to the development of rural households nearby our college and nurturing their determination to stand on ones feet!
U might be thinking as to how could a college probably help women?
Then one should definitely visit the “Poly House” and the “Sanitary Pad Manufacturing Mini plant”.

The beautiful poly house filled with decorative flowers shows how creativity and technology go hand in hand.It might be the artificial greenhouse that is created, the drip system for plants and many more things combined to nurture new hope for the rural women who are a part of this project.Its definitely an eye candy and a must visit if you are visiting my college for sure.This is what happens when thoughts are put into action.A small initiative taken by few students may not do wonders,but it does give at least few aspiring women confidence to push themselves forward and making a livelihood out of it.These flowers are grown nearly throughout the year due to the greenhouse which was created.

Sanitary Pads Manufacture!♀️
If you are wondering whether this idea sounds like the movie PAD MAN?,yes it is! Most of the educated individuals in rural areas including women know the importance of proper sanitation. But,often turn a deaf ear regarding their menstrual health,due to varied reasons like pricey pads, non availability in nearby areas etc.But,this initiative of pad manufacturing might be small and may not help all the women,yet there is hope and hard work that is put in by the students who themselves manufacture pads,which are sold at less cost to improve hygiene.These pads are sold to nearby villages keeping in mind the thought that every woman’s health is important.

What is the exact motive of learning if one cannot implement it to reach out to the needs of the people?
Well we understood the need of it and made an initiative.The outcome may not be mammoth with small initiatives, but working in constant hope definitely cummilates a big win.