Transformation of lives at BVRIT

As every normal student I was very eager to join engineering college and then happened a miracle ‘BVRIT’. No BVRIT student could forget those Goosebumps he/she felt when they witnessed the BVRIT atmosphere for the first time. I still remember my first day, I was waiting to board the bus and then it was arrived on time. With a mixture of anxiety and excitement I boarded the bus. I could see many confident faces and I knew they were seniors, undoubtedly and I literally had a mini cardiac arrest. But, to my surprise they were very polite and even very jovial throughout our journey.

After travelling for not more than a hour we then entered the campus. As soon as we entered into the gate there were trees on either side of our way and our bus had to pass between them. I was like “what could make your jaws drop, if this doesn’t”. We, juniors with lots of expectation entered the campus. Greenery everywhere! People around me were busy, I felt. it was the day just after the induction day so we don’t have any parents with us.

As I was dumb I had no idea where to go or so I somehow got into my block that is A.P.J Abdul Kalam Block, a place where your perspective towards lot of things changes, a place where your character gets sculpted and also a place where you’ll get to meet friends those last for life time. As soon I got into my block I was really astonished on hearing that, all the first year students were to be seated in their respective learning halls irrespective of their branches. Interesting, isn’t it? this means there develops a enormous communication amongst the students of all the branches. Back then every tomorrow was a thriller.

Of all the four years, first year is surely a game changer.  Believe me! Time flies faster than you think. With a little maturity and as well as a little glee we stepped into second year. And then starts the real B. Tech fun. Days become fascinated. By the ending of second you’ll become a pro in listing out the best hangout places within the campus. And then third year. Semester one of this year could be bluster to some minds and a routine semester to other. Whatever it is, it creates a concern towards “life”. Termination of third year could be a little trauma but then well planned schedules can lift you up. And then final year, along with the confidence to crack placements that taciturn inside you dies. Then…. what could be next other than bright future. With all these things running BVRIT made you better as a person already.  It surely brought the best out of the students and stands as a platform for many unrecognized talents. By the end of final year every BVRIT student be like “man! it’s been just a couple of days we were here.”

Once a BVRITian always a BVRITian