A special Sunday morning at BVRIT.

I am here to share a special Sunday morning at BVRIT.  I am a couch potato, love to sleep for hours together. One fine day I found something interesting around my campus.  It’s the elegance of my BVRIT, clingy sounds, beauty of raising sun, chilling weather!!  Then I planned to go for a photo walk.  I woke up around @ 5 AM, but weather stopped me to go out. Then I went back to bed, but something was killing me from inside, and yes it is my passion!!

Started packing my gears and then I walked out of the campus for a change. It was 6’o clock in the morning, and then I found our security guards enjoying camp fire, wow!!  It’s a dam great abstraction for a quick start. I am glad that I got someone to drop me till Ramchandhrapuram lake.

All alone went through the lakeside started hiking adventures. Within a short span of time I am able to adjust my shutter speed and aperture. After a long wait I am able to capture the ambience around me. Though my lens couldn’t support me to capture the things well, I tried to manage with my editing and designing skills. Trust me the nature is more beautiful!!

It was a great experience and one of the memorable days in my life.

Signing off,

In love with My BVRIT.