Actual happiness is that when your dreams come true

Hello friends!

This article is all about my experiences with campus placements. I am glad to share my experience. To all my friends and juniors view life as a continuous learning, because “personality develops by experience”.

It’s not about building a Great wall, don’t set out to build a great wall, It’s all about how we lay each and every brick as perfectly as we can place to set up a wall. Day by day if by setting this sort one fine day It’s you who can build a greatest wall. Since my childhood I am so inquisitive to learn new things and explore things where I always used to be one step ahead. Not living a limited life participating in all activities where I get benefit to grow and update with the life cycle. Made me to face the tough and the toughest situations of my life. When I first stepped into BVRIT I really have no idea of what I am actually aiming, It is all where I learnt actual essence of living life with a proper definition of joy.

I am an average student when I am into BVRIT, as I am a native of Warangal I desperately need to stay in hostel (a place where you learn what you are and how to live in all conditions).

I don’t understand and believe how these 3-4 years of my life passed out in a learning voyage. It’s really a mind goggling question when you sit alone and think of it. It is a place where I learnt things actually how to be done after a mistake, I personally say don’t regret on things rather think them as a learning experience and move ahead.

Finally, a day has come announcing it’s your time where you need to prove yourself and what you are. Campus placements… As you aware TCS is Day-1 Company for us and visiting to BVRIT on 10th September for On Campus Recruitment. When this lines in the mail from RP sir our training and placement officer has come I startled first. Hardly one month of time what all I need to do, I am in a great ambiguity. Just sat alone and thinking for a while, my mind is blank. But it’s all my faculty and friends who helped out me free from that ambiguity and supported me till I reach my destination.

Daily CRT classes, assignments, preparation materials, online solving for a month made confusing mind little bit confident, days have been passed yet a week more ahead for a big day. In this final week all mock interviews and fundamentals brush up have been scheduled, as task is scheduled task is accomplished really thankful to all who scheduled it. All the registration process got set and finally day has come that is TCS written test about 700+ students taking up the test firstly the numbered made me bit nervous what about me in this 700+ students I went to one of my faculty and asked sir how can I ?? sir answered you have done what all the ground work to be done just go and write the exam rest of it leave it to God. The words strengthened my confidence levels with the same pace I wrote my exam and waiting for the results with great anxiety on my face and lot of fear in my mind. Finally results are out task 1 successfully accomplished I felt little bit calm and there is only one day in between to prepare for next rounds TR, MR and HR.

What all the knowledge gained here with a wise step my TR cleared. Next day I am ready for the MR and HR. when my name announced I am waiting outside with my friends a volunteer came to me and said the next one is you I’m again blank.. I am waiting for my call and preparing myself to be confident to face MR (managerial round) finally I got a call I am into panel as soon as I entered I wished interviewer and he was like not caring I understood managerial rounds are like this (this may not happen with all panels). Firstly he asked me tell me about yourself already known question I answered confidently. Then he was like asking why your percentage decreased I gave my answer and some general questions about my resume asking what responsibilities you took as a hostel representative I answered this made me different. After some more questions he finished interviewing me and said you may leave. After coming out within 5 min a volunteer came to me and said you are in next you need to attend HR. I felt good and moved to Saraswathi block, after lunch I am the second person to be interviewed MR gave me good confidence to present myself with same pace I cleared HR awaiting for results.

I could not sleep whole night thinking and waiting when the sun rises and got ready waiting for results in the auditorium. Now I am confident about myself that I cleared these many levels If I get a job I can if not it gave me a good experience and I can prepare much more, auditorium was completely filled with students and all tension mode activated. We are waiting for our beloved chairman sir to announce the count, with all the dignitaries on the stage chairman sir announced count as “209” oh my god that’s a good number but even I felt nervous whether I am in or not??? Chairman sir I like final years come on to the stage for cake cutting this is happening before our names are announced, RP sir is like students who are confident come on to the stage those who are confident come here if you want a job. This made me stand up and rush onto the stage I don’t know why I went, it’s time to cut the cake chairman sir caught my hand and made me to cut the cake he kept a piece of cake in my mouth saying are you really confident??? This word made me to turn on my mind to think, I said, yes sir. But somewhere in my mind I started brooding what happens if I don’t get selected??? One side I am feeling pleasure that I am on stage other side I am nervous.

Clearing all my nervous thoughts to a jubilant note that moment when my name announced It’s like nothing on the earth till the day gave me actual definition of HAPPINESS. I’m really thankful to each and everyone who made my day actively or passively to step my first step into real world of life. Special thanks to RP sir and my CSE department who always supported me in my hard times and me strong to face this. That’s all my story have a nice day.

Don’t regret on things instead think them as a learning experience and move ahead my dear friends.