Against All Odds- My Journey at B.V.R.I.T


Most of my batch mates, successors and predecessors agree that B.V.Raju Institute of Technology (B.V.R.I.T) directly or indirectly provided us a platform to grow as individuals right after our +2. It has indeed transformed our lives from nothing to something much fruitful, of that we could never imagine that our Parents would be proud of us. From the first year, which was just like home to the final year which we utmost miss. At B.V.R.I.T, truly speaking I felt like a responsibility by representing a whole lot of my batch, by being the representative, along with Geethamsi who has always been a shoulder. Witnessing the right to ask for, submit our grievances to Dr. Surendra Thiruvazandur whom I can never forget. No other Engineering college in twin-cities or India could actually get the opportunity to ask for what you deserve. Thanks to our Chairman’s vision that is a driving force and inspiration for the students to excel.

Frankly, the management has been very approachable when it comes to our Vice Chairman Sir, who is available round the clock (and I mean it) to help the Institution grow- I recollect how sir was in touch with us all the time knowing how well the management could serve better to minimize the shortcomings. I remember the days when during our assignment, the Promethean 2k14 how sir was in touch with us to know the ground reality.

Zealotz , Promethean have been the appetizers of the treat. Some wonderful moments that you can never tend to forget.

I believe each staff member, right from the helper to the Dean-Director, works with the accelerating momentum given by our Chairman sir. I say this because I cherish the time I had witnessed his first address-to-the-last. He has always stepped down and has been one among us and given lots of support.

Two great personalities that I’d like to remember throughout are Prof. Ravi Prasad and Dr. Laxmi Narsaiah who have indeed covered my journey from the inception to the conclusion.

Ravi sir ‘aka’ RP sir you are more than a human. So approachable, so understanding that one could never be.

The love, the recognition, the learning and grooming that I had undergone wouldn’t be close to the reality at any institution.

Though a few miles away from our place, B.V.R.I.T has proven to always be ahead among its competitors in providing value to education and learning.

My relationship with BVRIT is just like a relationship between a mother and a son. I truly believe that one who has experienced living here has miles to go without any second thought. And my achievements are evident of how an average student with many shortcomings can overcome his weaknesses and become bold enough to face the world. I believe my accomplishments are evident of the grooming that I have undergone at B.V.R.I.T.