For the love of ROBOTS

Being the student of the BVRIT we cannot be creative just by attending classes and following regular curriculum when we have the desire to be the part of the innovative world. Innovation means the process of translating an idea or invention into a product or service that creates value for the customer. As we know “Science is about knowing; engineering is about doing” as we are the engineers of the scientific world we have to do both the tasks.


Robotics lab

We will make robots; We will make difference

The vision of the company is to transform Jay Robotics educational division into a global market leader in providing student centric experiential learning robotic software and hardware tools and Industrial division into a strong back bone for Indian automation needs.


The vision of our College Management and Our Electronics Department constitute for the collaboration of the company with our college for establishing special lab for enriching the knowledge of the students in the field of Robotics. The work we do in our lab is to come with the ideas, discuss the possibilities of working over them, procuring the requirements for the project and start working over it. It is a pleasure working in teams exchanging ideas and information and improving individually. Every member in the lab will work in different categories especially Circuit designing, Embedded Programming, Software Coding and Mechanical designing.

As we know that “Design is not what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” .We the members of the lab are fortunate to learn and work on software like keil, flashmagic, solid works and able to program 8051 Microcontroller. Our projects include WAITER ROBO which can be used to replace people from doing tedious and monotonous work. We are also working with Raspberry pi to implement our upcoming project TELE VISION ROBO which has its application in various fields like Security,Health and communications.

As part of this lab we are not only learning to do the technical work but also improving our communication skills by having Group discussion regarding the projects and able to overcome the fear of expressing ourselves. Working with the company also gives us the awareness of present market trends and requirements and improves our ability to compete.


Personally as the student after being part of this lab my view of subject changed towards practical approach as “we are doing what we are learning”. This kind of approach really encourages us to set certain standards in life. So, as I am student of third year it is advisable for the juniors to be part of this practical world and ensure success.