An Odyssey To BVRIT

Travelling is not everyone’s cup of tea. It wasn’t mine too! Or least I thought so until I got a seat in BVRIT and started travelling 55km every day!

My parents were worried as to how I would travel so long to reach the temple of learning.  I don’t know why but I assured my parents that I would be fine travelling. And as I assured, I am more than just FINE!

Since childhood I have been a nature lover and BVRIT has abundant of it inside-outside!

With travelling, you get that extra gang of buddies- school, inter college, B.Tech and BUS friends!

This odyssey has not just given me that extra gang of buddies but more importantly time to think and process information apart from eating, sleeping and studying!

I now realize my liking for travelling.The route to BVRIT has less traffic too. I have seen some of the most beautiful sceneries in the forest enroute to the college specially during the rainy season.

Travelling alongside greenery, rain pouring in, and a novel in hand and music ON – I call it a perfect combination.

Music! Oh yeah it reminds me that travelling has made me a SINGER too. It gave me the time to listen and learn songs!

I very much believe in the saying that “There is a child in every person” because that child in me comes out quite often. And more importantly I like the fact that I can get my thoughts implemented in this odyssey.

To quote an instance, I took a liking for climbing trees by watching “Tarzan” during my early days of childhood. And I could actually climb a tree over here at BVRIT. Not just that I even tired some kind of gymnastics in the bus.

To quote another instance, I always had this wish of sitting on the last seat in the bus.

And yeah, I could convince all the girls and boys about it. They had to sit at the front.! What a wonderful sight it was  to watch boys at the front and girls at the back of the bus, isn’t it?! Of course it was just for a short period of time.

Whenever there is any fest in the college, the buses start late and everyone is  tired after a long day at college. But as the journey begins, somehow I feel there is magic in the air that refreshens us. That’s when the singers in us wake up! Those memories of singing songs right from our first year to present will ever last within me. We have coded songs as first year songs, 2-1 semester songs and so on.

It not just gave me sweet memories to cherish but it had given me some of the lessons that I carry along with me. Life is how you take it. There are many who say it’s hard to trust people. But just look at yourself, the way you present yourself to people and ask your inner voice this one question, are you being loyal and fair?

Hence, take good out of every person and discard the bad.

I feel privileged to study at BVRIT – My BVRIT!